Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jun, 2021 to 31 Dec, 2026
15 Jul, 2024

General information

6 months


Megaventory is looking for its office in Athens:


Megaventory is the web startup that changes the everyday life of employees in commercial businesses. It does this by offering a complete, flexible, and state-of-the-art, cloud ERP application that can meet all the business needs of a company.

Every day, hundreds of employees use our application to process customer orders, replenish and monitor their inventory, and manage the company's production and reporting. Megaventory is one of the first startups offering Software as a Service ERP and has managed to establish itself in the global ranking with customers in more than 40 countries organically and all that without external borrowing or venture capital financing.

It is from this privileged position that we continue to enrich our product and grow our customer base by designing and implementing new online marketing initiatives. We are interested in employing and educating a pre-graduate within an internship position who will actively set up and manage these initiatives under our guidance.


The internship can be carried out in the framework of a school or European Union / Erasmus+ funding program or by covering part of its costs by Megaventory. The trainee will be employed at the Greece offices of the company in Athens very near the metro station.


Necessary qualifications:

  • Excellent English language skills both written and orally
  • Good copywriting skills
  • Adequate knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Familiarization with internet concepts and technologies (API, XML, JSON, FTP, etc)
  • Professional, methodical attitude
  • Ability to operate autonomously and by taking ownership
  • Prior experience in sales and communication
  • A 5+ month internship duration capability

  • Due to compliance and regulation restrictions, we can only consider citizens from the US, UK, Europe and Turkey


Optional Qualifications:

  • Basic knowledge of operating ecommerce software (eg anything form WordPress, Magento, Shopify, or equivalent)
  • Basic knowledge of SEM (PPC, bidding, ranking, κλπ)
  • Basic knowledge of image editing software (eg Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Basic knowledge of CRM software
  • Basic familiarity with accounting and commercial operations


Task Description:

  • Attend calls with clients and leads from various countries worldwide.
  • Contribution to understand and document the requirements of clients and leads
  • Communication with clients and leads via email, phone, and live chat for clarifications and support
  • Updating and evolving our CRM
  • Contribution to the preparatory work required before a lead can become a client (eg data entry, account configuration, customization, etc)
  • Combination of existing tools to cover the needs of clients and leads.
  • Communication with existing clients to explore needs and identify upsell opportunities
  • Generate additional channels to attract new leads and clients
  • Creation of supportive material (text, case studies, videos, etc)
  • Contribution to the sales funnel optimization


Note: Travel will not be necessary.



  • Acquiring practical and directly marketable knowledge and experience
  •  Support and guidance from the Megaventory Team towards the successful completion of the internship
  • Collaboration with other professionals in the field and networking
  • Experience in collaboration with companies from around the world
  • Use of modern tools and methodologies
  • Relaxed working hours with an emphasis on results rather than on formal work
  • Obvious and immediate impact of the work done on the entire customer base
  • Work in a pleasant and professional environment in the most beautiful country in the world :)
  • The prospect of further cooperation beyond the internship timeframe


An internship in Megaventory means gaining first-hand, practical knowledge and experience, taking on responsibility and ownership of the project at hand and the opportunity for work that will have a real impact on people all over the world. Those who would like something different than being one among the many going through an internship in a bank or an insurance company or any multinational can learn about us at

You can also see what previous employees and interns had to say about working with us at Glassdoor:

To apply:

Apply by sending your resume to [email protected] and using TECHSALES-INT in the subject Note you need to do both otherwise your application may not come to our attention at all.

Alternatively, you can apply by directly filling in this form:


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English: Proficient User C1
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