Tour Leader ( Trips and Excursions ) Bilbao

Art and Design, Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences
1 Jan, 2024 to 30 Jun, 2024
31 Oct, 2023

General information

6 months

"Erasmus is not one year in your life but your life in one year".

An Erasmus experience can really change the life, that's why Happy Erasmus exists.

We are a Spanish Association based in Bilbao and present in many others European countries. Through our activities, we help exchange students to make the best of their experience. Our purpose is to create a community of international students in which everyone can contribute to create amazing memories and make a mark in Bilbao.


Our association offers different services, such as:

-> Parties, events and trips many other activities with the purpose of getting to know each other

-> Support to find accommodation

-> Welcome pickup and welcome activities

-> Support with all necessary needs: sim cards, living in the city


An example about last year?

We have planned 2 Boat Parties, 13 Trips around Spain and Europe with an average of 75 people each one, 35+ Parties and a lot of unforgettable memories.

Benefits - why working at Happy Erasmus Bilbao is advantageous:



- Teamwork

- We are looking for an open minded person with advanced soft skills

- Experience in sales is a plus

- Good level of English is a must

- Basic Spanish level is a plus

- Positive attitiude and willingness to help


Benefits - why working at Happy Erasmus Bilbao is advantageous:

- You´ll have the chance to meet new people from all over the world

- You will have a chance to work in the office in international environment

- You can improve your English as well as Spanish

- Have the opportunity to learn a lot from the organization and the people who work in there

- You can enjoy the activities and trips that we make


​You would be a perfect candidate, and you will enjoy and learn a lot working as an intern at our organization, IF :

- You are friendly and have really good social skills

- You like working in a team

- You speak a fluent English (and Spanish - un poquito, at least!)

- You are open-minded and like international environment

- You like enjoying while working


​Main Goal of your Job: Increase involvement in our activities and improve services offered to the Erasmus community in Bilbao.


Main Tasks:

- Plan trips and travels with the rest of the team

- Prepare the guide materials for the tours

- Travel to other Spanish cities during the weekend to have the tours

- Support the team in other tasks



Basic period is between 3 and 4 months, but we are flexible with the dates so feel free to contact


How to apply for internship?

Please fill the form and send your CV on our email, so we can know you a bit better

You can also contact us on: [email protected]

Our website:

Have you been an exchange student? Specify it in the form as well - we'll appreciate it a lot!

No financial compensation


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