Trainee Engineer at the Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design/Lodz University of Technology

Art and Design, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jan, 2021 to 30 Jun, 2021
30 Jun, 2022

General information

3 months

Lodz University of Technology - TUL is one of the best technical universities in Poland, located in the centre of the country - in Lodz, third largest city when it comes to population.

Project title:

  1. Numerical modeling of heat transfer / or moisture transfer / or heat and moisture transfer inside the complex textile structures and products.
  2. Nanocomposite cellulose fibers.

    3. 3D dosimetry in radiotherapy.

Tasks of the trainee:

  1. Numerical analysis, description of heat transfer, description of textile structures, determination of temperature field, visualization of results.
  2. Modification of cellulose fibers, fibers properties estimation, fibers spinning.

    3. Participation in research related to 3D radiotherapy dosimetry of ionising radiation; work in a chemical laboratory, basic research towards application studies.

No financial compensation


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Additional Information

Students enrolled at any university may apply (2,3 cycle). Trainees may have the option of accommodating in our dorms - depending on the availability of places. Student mentor and a programme of leisure activities will be offered by ESN-EYE Lodz organization. More details regarding the trainneship and the qualification procedure can be found in the attached document - TRAINEESHIP OFFER. Please read it carefully - only complete application will be considered.
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
1. Knowledge of: numerical methods in engineering, basic modeling techniques, processing programs, graphical visualization. 2. The student should have a basic knowledge of the methods of fiber formation and know the basic methods of fiber properties asses
3. 3. Eager to work in a chemical laboratory, knowledge of chemistry 1. Engaged to work, man of initiative, knowledge of mechanics, material eng. and informatics. 2. Minimum work experience in a chemical laboratory 3. Hard working, passionate in chemistry