Turing Talent - Data Scientist at Kintaro

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
United Kingdom
13 Sep, 2021 to 9 Dec, 2021
3 Dec, 2021

General information

2 months

Kintaro is the first real estate platform built to leverage Machine Learning and AI. Our mission statement not only enables you to improve and enrich your stack of best-in-class technology, but also provides many helpful insights that support smart decision making at all levels of your brokerage business and it helps increase transaction volume and improve attachment rates of additional revenue lines like mortgage, title and insurance.


What you will be doing: 


You will be responsible for using technology to extract data from a residential real estate broker's stock and then transform it. The main aim of your role will be to provide guidelines to help people understand what the data means.


How you will do this: 


You will find out about trends in the use of the most effective agents.

  • Test a pre-defined hypothesis to measure statistical significance.


  • Link top performers' actions to revenue generation to perform in-depth analysis of 11-13 different datasets over 12 months to extract additional data as it is discovered. 


What you must have: 

  • Regression analysis to determine the significance

  • Ability to create clusters

  • Cluster analysis to determine cohorts

  • Experience with both supervised and unsupervised techniques


Bonus points for: 

  • Self-sufficiency and initiative

  • Experience including personal projects, university projects, internships or work experiences


What can you expect from us: 

  • Providing a flexible working time 

  • Avenue to develop skills, recognition and improve technical expertise

  • Be part of Turing Talent programme and receive benefits including leadership training, mentorship, and networking

Financial compensation


Salary: $250 per month