Turing Talent Internship - Javascript Engineer for US Government Chatbots

Engineering and/or Technology
United Kingdom
1 Sep, 2021 to 30 Sep, 2022
30 Nov, 2021

General information

12 months

The Turing Talent Programme is the first of its kind. You not only work with some of the most cutting-edge companies, but also receive leadership training and mentorship. The programme is designed to accelerate your career trajectory. You get more than a job. 

What you will be working on:

  • You will be working as a Javascript Engineer. This role will be a project that you will work on with one of our clients, Citibot, the leading provider of AI-powered chatbot solutions for the US government;

  • The project is to assist Citibot with building web chats, as well as creating an automated data loading tool and taking part in onboarding clients to help grow their expanding client-base.

  • You will receive the flagship Turing Talent Leadership Programme - the world’s first leadership programme for technical professionals. This includes training and mentorship from people experienced in the industry; 

  • Be part of Turing Talent community with other Data Scientists working on different projects with different clients internationally

Skills we look for:

  • Javascript, CSS and HTML 5 experience. This can be experience gained through university projects,  internships, acquired personally, or any other experience.

  • Knowledge and experience using GitHub/Git.

  • Prior experience with chatbots, NodeJS, Svelte, AWS or Lex and/or Lambda would be a plus but not required.

Other qualities we look for:

  • An adaptable communicator who can work collaboratively

  • Hungry to learn and develop not only technical skills but also soft skills 

  • A self-starter with strong accountability


Please apply directly here : https://turingtalent.org/internshippositions

- Start date : As soon as possible

- Salary : Competitive 


- Work location : Remote 

For more information, visit: www.turingtalent.org/internship

In addition, we also run a Graduate Programme for permanent positions, including an Advanced Analytics track. www.turingtalent.org/graduates

Disclaimer: Depending on our end-clients’ needs, Turing Talent employs candidates who are then contracted as consultants to our clients. In special situations, our clients may employ candidates directly. Regardless of the employment models, all other aspects of the programme are the same.


Financial compensation