Education and/or Teacher Training
Palma de Mallorca
1 Oct, 2020 to 31 May, 2021
30 Jun, 2020

General information

8 months
3-4 days per week


Balmes School is a semi-private preschool and primary education school located in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). We are settled down  in a working-class neighbourhood 15’ on foot away from the city center. Our students start at our school when they are 3 and remain with us until they are 12, after that they are send to a secondary school.

Nowadays we have a multicultural community in our center ; 480 students of 14 nationalities live together from 9 to 5 every weekday.

The team working at the center consists of 32 teachers and three assistants, not bad for an inclusive school with two special units which follow their own curriculum and 18 ordinary groups. We are actually extremely concerned with special needs children, they are part of our school day.

Three language are spoken at school: Català, Spanish and English.

Some years ago, we realised how important it is for teachers to be updated especially  these days when education is quickly evolving. Our staff upgrading has become our main goal. We have realized that a continuous teacher training makes us better professionals and has a great effect on everyone: children, parents and teachers. So, nowadays we are carrying out some improvements as:

- Cooperative learning

- Learning environments

- Innovation: google basic tools, plickers, kahoot, gamification, Lego league…

- Creativity: crafts

- Non linguistics subjects in English: Science.

- internationalisation /globalisation: Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2, Erasmus interns, TCA

What we expect from you is to work closely with our motivated staff in order to improve our student's English skills. We have already worked hand to hand with other foreign assistants from Texas, Scotland, Connecticut, Poland, Greece , Finland and Croatia. The experience has been so intensive and positive either for teacher and children. CertaInly we are looking for TWO enthusiastic, responsible persons who loves children as we do (this year we are having two assistants from Croatia and they are doing a great job together). We would also adapt if you could not spend 8 months with us but we are assured that the longer your stay will be, the bigger improvement you will get. If you have any doubts about it, don't hesitate, get in touch with us by email [email protected] and Erasmus Intern 2020 as SUBJECT.


No financial compensation


Lunch vouchers at school and transfer from the airport are included. Extra lessons would be provided to earn some money in case you would spend the whole year with us.  

Additional Information

We could also help you with: Transfer from the airport will be included. Lunch vouchers from Monday to Friday at the school canteen for free. Finding accomodation (ask us for it!). We could talk about the LENGTH of your stay (based on my experience and comments from our interns, we deeply recommend you not less than four months if you really want to learn and enjoy teaching).If your stay starts in October and ends in May, we could offer you some paid-lessons to cope with your expenses. Some Spanish lessons would be provided if you require in advance but having some Spanish knowledge helps and makes you feel more comfortable with staff. We are open to have TWO assistants at the same time, so if two of you are interested in coming and work with us, let's talk about it! We could provide some email addresses from assistants who have been working with us if you would like to discuss some doubts. Check our web and Instagram to know us better: Instagram: colegiobalmespalma
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: