UN Delegate Project New York

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Languages and Philological Sciences
United States
1 Jan, 2022 to 31 Jan, 2022
31 Jan, 2022

General information

2 months

The UN Delegate is a project organized by an Italian association.

The proposed project consists of two phases:
1.Pre-simulation Preparation (Delegate Course): Material will be distributed to each student on a digital platform and will deepen every aspect useful for participation in the simulation. Preparation, in addition to being theoretical and general on the principles and organization of the United Nations will see the practical comparison with experts in the field. Delegate course is divided into six modules:Frontal didactics that will take place at the schools participating in the project.

2.The simulation: the student will participate in the events taking the role of UN delegate and applying "on the field" previously acquired knowledge. The sixth and last module, the most difficult, which will take place in New York, will consist of participation in the Conference and the activities of the Commission. Before the departure will be made of the general tests on the simulation with all the other schools participating, so that the students can put in practice what learned during the course of the year

The price is 2500 euro for one week in New York, it includes:

  • Flight to go and come back
  • Package health insurance (required within the United States) 
  • 4 star hotel in the center of New York 6 nights and 7 days 
  • 8 hours Training Course in preparation of Simulation 2022 
  • External Tour Package: External visit to some of the most famous attractions of the cities such as Time Square, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, 5th Avenue, Wall Street, etc.

It is possible to obtain a scholarship to cover part of the costs.

To apply send your CV to [email protected]

No financial compensation