Veterinary Nurse

Agriculture Sciences, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences
1 Apr, 2020 to 1 Sep, 2020
20 Mar, 2020

General information

6 months

Role of the veterinary nurse

The specific functions of the veterinary nurse, among others, are:
In the Administrative area:
• Booking and scheduling appointments and other procedures;
• Organization of different documents;
• Protection of products and medicines;
• Management of stocks and inventories;
• Supervise the center's hygiene protocols.
In the Clinical area:
• Reception and preparation of clinical records and screening of patients;
• Administration and application of vaccines, medicines, electronic identification as well as any treatments prescribed by the doctor;
• Care and monitoring of hospitalized animals;
• Preparing the patient for diagnostic tests;
• Preparation of medication for home;
• Dressing and dressing changes - removal of suture points.

In the Surgical area:
• Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surgical parts;
• Storage of surgical material before and after surgery;
• Preparing patients for surgery;
• Assist the doctor during surgical procedures;
• Post-surgical care for patients.

Laboratory and Complementary Exams:
• Collection and packaging of samples for later sending to the laboratory;
• Our theoretical-practical training in the laboratory provides a basis for us to be able, in the future, to dedicate ourselves to carrying out the most diverse biochemical, microbiological, parasitological analyzes, etc.

In the area of Nutrition and Food:
• We are able to properly advise animal owners on an appropriate nutrition plan.
• Supervision of diets prescribed by the veterinarian

The Veterinary Hospital of Laranjeiras. located in the centre of Lisbon, is a 24h hospital with a team dedicated to the personalized care for pets, providing medical and surgical care focused not on the disease but on the patient and its owner. The Veterinary Hospital of Laranjeiras is a reference hospital in medicine, surgery and complementary diagnostic tests in Lisbon

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent