Video / Animation Internship 

Art and Design
1 Sep, 2020 to 31 Jan, 2021
15 Oct, 2020

General information

5 months

If you have camera talent and are able to capture the moments of euphoria and agony in our team as well as making professional animations, this might be a place for you!
We want to create short professional clips that show the projects, experiences that we go through as a team as well as other topics. You can create a unique perspective and let your creativity fly!
What is really important to us is that you can make a finished product, so we’ll need at least 2 videos a month of a subject we brainstorm about together in the team. We might ask you to edit previous videos or pictures as we have much content already that you can use for the creation of your videos and different people with various skill-sets to include in your work.

* Brand image improvement
* Contribute in making our content more professional looking
* Edit videos
* Film documentaries

What we need from you:
* Film in documentary style
* Adobe Premiere or Final Cut
* Editing videos
* Laptop and a good quality camera


We are looking for people out of the norm. People that want a different internship experience, that love to be in nature and make art.

The internship will happen in France and you will be working with a small fun team of young professionals. You will have a lot of freedom and independence to develop your own projects as well.

We are developing projects in the area of sustainability so it is important for us that you resonate with this topic.

When? Summer 2020 until December 2020   & March/April/May 2021 until December 2021

We are flexible regarding the duration and time period of the internship.

Financial compensation
Lunch vouchers
Years of Experience required: 
English: Independent User B2