Video, Graphic Design, Illustration paid internship in Barcelona startup

Art and Design
1 Feb, 2022 to 30 Jul, 2022
30 Dec, 2021

General information

5 months

Youlosophy is a digital startup that aims to help you become the best version of yourself.

It serves as link between the best creative, wellness and technology experts with people aspiring for personal growth. The company produces books and products aimed at the Self Development industry, and organizes annual events and summits in Barcelona, highlighting the new and most interesting talent to serve as teachers and speakers.

We are looking for candidates that love editing Video**, or Illustration that can work with us creating the products of tomorrow, editing future Books/Manuals, Illustrating them and learning the whole process of Digital creation, Printing, Web and Digital Adaption and Production in Printing Houses around the world. 

Good English is required.

The interns will join our team in Barcelona, in an entrepreneurial ambience sharing offices with the rest of companies and startups of the group.

This position is perfect for anybody who is interested in being a Online Video Editor, Graphic Designer Illustrator, but also for artists, photographer, UX designer, website designer.

Start date in February 2022.  

Duration, flexible 4 months minimum to 6 months.

Interns with Leonardo or Erasmus support/scholarship or other financial support (students outside of Spain).
Internship will be based in Barcelona, Spain. Interest in start-up, product development or entrepreneurship will be helpful.


What we offer

  • Learning from the creation process of new Digital and Print Productos from start, and being part of the team that builds them

  • Great location to learn and build up experience from local start up & creative community.
  • Great location at Barcelona downtown for work/life balance.
  • Professional and intercultural experience in product development, crowdfunding, and innovation
  • Exciting, dynamic work environment
  • Flexible hours / work time
  • Incorporate your ideas & creativity into real life projects
  • Work side by side and learn from experienced serial entrepreneur
  • Actively take part in further growth and internationalisation

The Intern will support the leader working in the different aspects of the company building and product design.

Financial compensation
English: Independent User B2