Video production intern

Art and Design
1 Aug, 2024 to 30 Nov, 2024
30 Apr, 2024

General information

4 months

Are you still looking for your last internship or thesis sponsor? Are you planning to work in television, advertising agencies, film production or elsewhere specifically as a video and animations professional? Do you want to do an internship in Spain or completely remotely anywhere? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then read on.

Wannado provides services to companies who want to oursource operational work. Our business units are Market Research, Marketing, Customer Service and Assistant Services. Our clients are growth companies from a wide range of industries, and we do everything we can to provide them with an easy and flexible service of the highest quality. If you want to see how such an international organization works in practice and get your foot in the door, this is your chance!

You'll get to join us in filling our Youtube with content, and learn how to edit videos for the web. The priority on the to-do-list will be Wannado's corporate videos such as brand videos and promotional videos, but depending on your skills and situation, you may also be able to join in on client projects. The internship tasks and job description will be flexible according to your needs and the requirements of your studies. For example, you can work with a professional to create a video strategy that fits in with Wannado's overall marketing vision and supports business objectives.

In addition to promotional videos, you can also get a chance to do things like customer interviews, employee interviews and anything else that comes to mind. Maybe you'll conceptualise your own Youtube- or podcast series that will appear on Wannado's channels? Totally possible, with the guidance and support of professionals. In Fuengirola our people share locales with Radio Finlandia, the Finnish media of Costa del Sol. They are also active in various kinds of video production and "visible radio". In other words, if you do your internship in Fuengirola, you will also have the opportunity to network with a local production company.

We have an active branch in Spain where you can meet other wannadoers and the company management. However, as a workplace we are 100% remote first, so location independence is the word of the day. This means that most of our colleagues are based all over Europe and most of our management is done remotely - like all other work in this company. We have several trainees from Finland in Spain every year, but with the right person we can also do the traineeships in Finland or elsewhere 100% remotely.

The traineeship will take place in spring or autumn and we hope for a duration of 3-6 months. We do not offer shorter internships, as we want the intern to have a real opportunity to get into the company culture and longer projects. We are on holiday in June, July and August and do not take interns then.

What we are most interested in is the trainee's attitude and any hobby or other evidence of creative work. Associations, trusts, volunteer work and previous work experience in any field should definitely be mentioned in your application.

Please include in your application

  • When do you want to do the traineeship and how long will it be?
  • Do you want to do it in Spain or somewhere else (where?)
  • Which studies or degree the traineeship is related to?
  • What you want to learn and what your goals are for your studies and career?
  • Work samples, for example a school project or a social media channel
  • What courses or work you have done to support your success in the placement?
  • What experience you have with AI and what you think about it?
  • Salary expectation and whether Wannado is eligible for salary support from your institution


Living in Spain

We have one furnished studio flat in Fuengirola for trainees. If the flat is vacant, you can live in it for a fee (we charge rent at the local rate). However, we do not guarantee accommodation for trainees and if we are unable to provide accommodation for the desired period, it is the trainee's responsibility to find accommodation and pay for it. We will of course give you tips on finding accommodation. You are also responsible for arranging and paying your own flights to Fuengirola.

Read about the experiences of previous trainees (in Finnish):



  • Language skills: fluent in English
  • Self-management skills and ability to work in a 100% remote environment
  • Digital native IT skills
  • Proactivity and problem-solving skills
  • We value commercial thinking and business acumen



  • Get to know the daily life of a multidisciplinary, location-independent company
  • Find out if remote work and a location independent community are right for you
  • Deepen your existing skills and learn new ones
  • Apply what you've learned at school
  • Gain a concrete and realistic fleshing out of your portfolio
  • In Spain: experience abroad with a Finnish employer - the traineeship also gives you time to travel around the region or even to neighbouring countries
  • A successful internship can lead to a job at Wannado!
Financial compensation


video production  design  animation  film studies  video editing  manuscript writing  script writing  filming  webinar  podcast  youtube  

Additional Information

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