Volunteer Learning-ship Program in the Business Branch

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
1 Mar, 2021 to 31 Aug, 2021
28 Feb, 2021

General information

6 months

If you enroll in our Volunteer-ship Learning-ship Program you will be participating in projects related with:

  • BAM - Business applications management like Implementation, configuration, integration and users support of business applications like CRM, ERP, SCM, DMS, ECM …

  • BDS - Business development & sales like Business development practices: marketing, sales, communication …

  • BMA - Business management & administration like Business management and Administration practices

  • FIM - Finance & investors management like Finance, investors and crowdfunding projects management

  • OMS - Online marketing & sales like Online marketing and marketplaces management


Depending on your skills and the Program you have chosen you will participate in different Assets development steps: collect information, define requirements, analysis, content creation, UI/UX design, development, configuration, integration, compilation, testing, debugging, documentation, deploying, user training, startup, user support, maintenance, promotion, crowdfunding, selling once the app goes into production and even you will be able to create complementary applications, like databases, functions, AI models, engines, applications, APIs, services, robots and connectors, if you have already or you are willing to develop the required computer programming skills.


We are working on front end, back end, databases, integration, robotics, AI and analytical aspects to develop and support our applications by using a wide variety of programming languages / technologies / platforms like Flutter, Dart, Vue, C#, RESTful, GraphQL, Aqueduct, Python, TensorFlow, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS, Material design, , ... and deploying, servicing, supporting and maintaining our applications in our Amazon AWS EC2 and S3 cloud environments, using and integrating with applications and platforms like Google Workspace, Jira, Confluence, GitHub, Cognito, Google analytics, Google Ads, Talend, Pentaho, Kibana, Bonita, Animaker, Figma, Canva ...

Programs value proposal

Our Learning-ship Programs are specially oriented to provide our learners with very practical knowledge and experience by:

  • Learning-by-doing: Using a learning-by-doing with a smart combination of proven theory lessons, practices, tests, workshops, projects, demos, presentations and exams activities and thus learning and practicing the principles on how to use our methodology and technology by participating in many AI models, standard operating procedures, engines, apps, APIs, robots and BPM processes development projects.

  • Real applications: Participating in the analysis, design, development, configuration, implementation, operation and maintenance of real applications that go immediately on production.

  • Role-plays: Participating in continuous rotary role-plays where interns and thesis doers can adopt different company roles and perform real company tasks related to each role. 

  • Strictly rules: Applying strictly rules on effort, performance, ethics and reporting control.

  • Full transparency: Ensuring full transparency of progresses made by trainees through the use of an advanced task manager application Jira open to contributors.


By participating in our Learning-ship Programs you will obtain:

  • For techie guys, formation in advanced front-end, back-end, database, integration, robotics, AI, ML, DL and analytical state-of-the-art technologies for real applications going in production.

  • For business guys, formation on financing, crowdfunding, marketing, sales, operation and project management.

  • For operations gays, participating in the management of real projects.

  • For social guys, formation on social media, content design and community management.

  • Compatible with the participation as part of the Erasmus or a similar internship exchange program.

  • Possibility to develop the final course degree project for your academic institution as part of the internship period.

  • Compatible with the realization of your Master or PhD thesis.

  • Obtaining real working experience in discovering, analysis, programming, design, development, customization, integration, testing, deployment, servicing, optimization, team leading, project management, user support and maintenance (operative, corrective and evolutive), and in finance, promotion, marketing and sales areas.

  • Integration in a very dynamic, young, multinational growing team.

  • Flexible part / full time working schedule. 

  • Presently and / or remote work.

  • If you work in the community or business units, real hands-on experience on marketing and business development of high-level worldwide applicable technological applications.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent