Volunteer-ship program in the Social branch

Art and Design, Humanities, Social Sciences
3 Jan, 2021 to 30 Jun, 2021
31 Jan, 2021

General information

6 months

You will be participating in projects related with thsese programs:

  • Non-profit projects:  Design, implementation and management of non-profit projects

  • Social media & community management: Social media and community management

  • Human resources and recruiting: Manage human resources: recruiting, compensation plans, career plan development, coaching and motivational programs

  • Training and educational programs: Design, creation, implementation, follow up and improvement of training and educational programs

  • Design & branding of contents, documents, and materials: Design & branding of contents, documents and materials for posts, courses, email campaigns, website pages, landing pages, videos and animations


Take advantage of our methodology:

  • Learning-by-doing: Using a learning-by-doing with a smart combination of proven theory lessons, practices, tests, workshops, projects, demos, presentations and exams activities.

  • Roleplays: Participation on continuous roleplays where trainees can adopt different company roles and perform real company tasks related to each role. A least 20 % of each Career Plan Module effort time is dedicated to these roleplay performances.

  • Real applications: Participating in the creation of real applications that go immediately on production.

  • Strictly rules: Applying strictly rules on effort, performance, ethics and reporting control.

  • Full transparency: Ensuring full transparency of progresses made by trainees through the use of an advanced task manager application Jira open to contributors.

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: 
Short cycle or equivalent