Wahlstation in den Niederlanden

1 Jan, 2024 to 1 Jul, 2024
31 Dec, 2023

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6 months
2-3 days per week

Wahlstation in Holland

Meticulous legal practice, strategic vision, and global integration have become imperatives in today's legal landscape. At MAAK Advocaten, our philosophy revolves around not just providing traditional legal services, but proactively engaging in and embracing an international perspective.

Expanding Horizons: Internships in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, with its rich legal tradition and international ethos, is an ideal location for aspiring lawyers looking to hone their skills. MAAK Advocaten, located in the heart of this vibrant city, offers an exceptional internship program designed for legal students and trainees keen on immersing themselves in Dutch law and comparing it with their native legal systems.

Why Choose MAAK Advocaten for Your Internship?

MAAK Advocaten stands out in several unique ways:

Diverse Expertise: Our team comprises dedicated lawyers from various nationalities, including Dutch and German professionals, catering to both domestic and foreign enterprises. This mix allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas, cultural perspectives, and legal methodologies.

Industry Specialization: Our firm is renowned for our deep specialization in the manufacturing industry, colloquially termed 'Maakindustrie' in Dutch. With a clientele constantly at the forefront of innovation with new machinery, products, and services, we provide strategic advice to address the challenges that manufacturing enterprises face.

Comprehensive Service Offering: We provide a holistic approach, crafting contracts, acquainting clients with Dutch legalities, and representing them effectively in all Dutch courts as needed.

Modern Work Environment: Driven by a growth-oriented vision, MAAK Advocaten employs cutting-edge software tools and promotes a flexible working ethos. Our environment is open, informal, and collaborative, fostering an atmosphere where each individual's strengths shine.

Broadening Your Legal Skillset

Our internships are an excellent opportunity for students to apply their academic learnings:

Exposure to the German Desk in Holland: Given our strong focus on the German market, interns often find themselves assisting Dutch lawyers in the German Desk. This real-world exposure to cross-border cases within the European Union is invaluable.

Tackling Diverse Legal Challenges: Interns gain familiarity with trade law, corporate law, contract law, and liability law. Additionally, observing our lawyers represent clients in Dutch courts offers a practical understanding of Dutch procedural law.

Strengthening International Relationships:  By communicating with international clients, drafting documents in both German and Dutch, and collaborating closely with our team, interns comprehend the nuances of Dutch-German trade relations and the broader European legal marketplace.

What We Seek in Our Interns

At MAAK Advocaten, we believe in potential. If you demonstrate initiative, commitment, and a positive attitude, we want to hear from you. Furthermore, we value:

- Strong knowledge in trade, corporate law, contract law, and liability law.
- Proactive engagement in international cases.
- A practical, hands-on approach.
- Dedication to finding optimal solutions for our international clientele.

Elevate Your Career with MAAK Advocaten

Embarking on an internship at MAAK Advocaten is more than just a professional experience—it's a transformative journey. We pride ourselves on fostering a team-oriented workspace where both Dutch and German-speaking lawyers value and nurture your contributions, pushing you to achieve your best.

In the world of law, where boundaries are increasingly blurred, and the global perspective becomes ever more critical, MAAK Advocaten is your gateway to an enriching international legal experience.

Traineeship coordinator: Remko Roosjen

As one of the managing partners at MAAK Advocaten, Remko is one of the main contacts for our trainees. He has over 15 years of experience and is one of the main contacts of our legal interns. 

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