Webdeveloper & Webdesigner Traineeship position

Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology, Mathematics and/or Informatics
1 Nov, 2019 to 30 Dec, 2020
30 Jan, 2020

General information

4 months

Webdeveloper & Webdesigner Traineeship position 

We would like to hire a trainee with advanced IT skills  to perform a new website project (including a Android/mobile versions ) related to publications..

We expect to start the website project .....for few months...(sample of site we are expecting must be more or less close to  : https://www.wflpublisher.com/Journal; could be better if posible)?. Kindly visit the website and try to come up with what we are expecting as website)-.

-See some scientific publisher websites to get an idea or to propose .. The site must be related to the bellows:

- posibility to upload unlimited amount of  scientific journals and papers, volumes, issues, years (long term, non limited amount, non restricted sise, non limited time etc...the site must have large  and unlimited space or memory )
-with posibility to upload unlimited amounts of articles , journals (see examples in :https://www.wflpublisher.com/Journal) with no problems, easy way to admin to handle...
-Login,(institute subscribers /  also for individual subscriber, subscriber (who has username and password given by us as administrator)  /with posibility for us admin to keep the site open access from time to time, when needed), to give access to  remove access etc...
-The posibility to insert  / add in the website server several Ip address of  libraries or institutes subscribers /MAKE SURE THAT IP OF CLIENTS / LIBRARIES WORKS WELL..the ip issue is a crucial part as well
-Security system to protect the website-

-Easy to navigate--

-shoping or Online payments
-Online forms
-Featured images on the home page etc..(read more details bellow)

-Mobile or IPad/Android  version is needed- additional information or input or idea

- Invite some teachers, friend network  or IT people (webdevelopers / webdesigners)  with advanced level to join this project or to assist you during the work-

We also welcome your suggestions or proposal.

Send us more details about:
0-Send your full cv,
1- send us some links of websites you have done

2-Send us a draft about the work you can do and methods?

3- If posible, contact information of your supervisor or companys´head where you have already performed such work on website(s) 

4- Details of your school ,
5-inform some IT /webdeveloper friends to join this project and we welcome suggestions or proposals- We plan to make a small team to share the project tasks-

contact us by email and or skype for an interview :

Sara Bejar


Sincerely Yours 

WFL Publisher Ltd.

Meri-Rastilantie 3B

FI-00980, Helsinki, Finland

E-mail: [email protected]

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Years of Experience required: 


Web developer,database,information, design, indexing, Math, statistics, IT , computer, webdesigner, computer,web programmer, html , PHP, website,msql, technology..etc.. Web developer,database,information, design, indexing, Math, statistics, IT , computer