Website Developer for a creative digital marketing agency

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences
11 Sep, 2019 to 29 Feb, 2020
22 Sep, 2019

General information

5 months

A Long Term Opportunity with an International Team in Porto, and more of us based around the world, in four continents so far.


We’re a growing international team involved in many exciting projects. Mama Go has quickly expanded its network and partners all over Europe, and in parts of Asia, North and South America, and Australia.


We provide true, easy to find and relevant information to different niches, for free. We have a few paid services in some of the different areas however our vision is to share as much quality, useful and verified free resources and information in areas such as travel, for students, musicians and many others.


Our vision is to give all information and resources out for free however to fund these activites, we sell excellently priced services that provide lots of value to all kinds of people and organisations.


Our web developers will have a variety of roles. The major ones include the building, development and maintenance of websites and apps. These projects are a team effort, executed by our growing team of creative and passionate people, a mix of creative content creators, graphic designers, writers, artists and many others.


To have some knowledge and skills to be able to write code in html, css, javascript and have the necessary creative problem solving abilities to design and build a wordpress site at a basic level, with the help of our team of course.


We’re looking for people from all over the world so that we have many different languages and cultures in the office, it’s important that you can speak English level at a working knowledge.


The goal of our team of Mamas in Porto and around the world is to share as much qualified, quality information that’s useful and relevant online.


We have recently opened an office in Porto, which is a base for a growing, long-term team. Anyone who is looking for something different in terms of an alternative and international work environment will enjoy what we’re doing.


Skills preferred (all are not required):




Second language


Problem solver


Creative thinker


Leadership abilities


Growth mindset


Good time management








The position can begin anytime after August 12th. We are open to different duriations internship and then hopefully a full time job. The option to work remote is something we will encourage for various roles.

A English cover letter is always appreciated. 


Financial compensation


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