What is a good way to write abstract of a research paper?

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What is a good way to write abstract of a research paper?


An abstract can easily be defined as a brief summary of a research paper that is usually 150-250 words in length.

The importance of a n abstract in a research paper is that it prepares readers to easily follow the detailed analyses and arguments in the full paper - have a peek at this essay writing web-site . Writing a good research paper requires you to look at the following aspects in detail.

  • Provide brief information on the importance of the study.

This information is derived from the topic of study - https://essaywritery.com/cpm-homework-help . It highlights the aims and objectives of the study by showing what the researcher seeks to accomplish by conducting the research. When writing the abstract, present or past simple tense should be used when outlining the objectives of the study.

  • State the problem

A good abstract should define clearly the problem that the researcher seeks to solve or find a solution to while also outlining previous research works on the same topic.

  • Indicate a method of study

The research method used during the study ought to be included in the abstract. One could also indicate the sample size and the population used for the study.

  • Include information about the research's findings.

The most important findings of the study can be included in the abstract. The findings should be in line with the study objectives.

  • End with a conclusion.

A conclusion of the whole research should be outlined at the end of the abstract - https://essaywritery.com/economics-homework-help . The researcher ought to clearly conclude the whole research and give recommendations on areas that require further research.

It is worth noting that in a good research paper, the abstract is often written at the end of the whole study

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