Women Going Beyond - NGO Project Volunteer

Business Studies and/or Management Science, Education and/or Teacher Training, Social Sciences
1 Aug, 2019 to 30 Nov, 2019
11 Aug, 2019

General information

4 months

Women Going Beyond is a new NGO to empower young women by teaching them English, computer and technology skills, and other business/entrepreneurship-related courses in the rural areas of South East Asia. As a result, our goal is to close the gender gap that is ever so present in Southeast Asia and to prevent young women from entering the ring of human trafficking and prostitution. This division is pretty young and we need you to help us with the second phase of creating advertisements, market analysis, content preparation, budget and first marketing campaigns before establishing it in the Cambodia branch.


Where: We work remotely, you can work from any place and you only need your laptop

When: To start asap


Join a creative social start-up achieving better educational outcomes.

Management role leading the design of a new, international program.

Would suit candidates from the education, not for profit or government sector.

Recommended but not required that the candidates have a background in Southeast Asian studies/politics and/or is Southeast Asian.



Plan the first project to support women and girls in Cambodia.

Improve the business model.

Establish new collaborations and partnerships with other NGOs in the region.

Research the cultural context, problems and history of the region.

Create first marketing campaigns.


Skills Required:

You have proven relationship management and program delivery experience ideally within the education sector.

Foundation knowledge of education would be advantageously combined with an adaptable style that enables you to feel comfortable working in a start-up environment.


You will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

Write effective communications to engage a diverse stakeholder group.

Work collaboratively and feel comfortable with ambiguity whilst delivering within timelines.

Identify, research and recommend new services within operational and strategic plans.

Be proactive advocating in the sector building scale within the program.

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No financial compensation
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