Work with Roma children and elderly people in the historic city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

Education and/or Teacher Training, Social Sciences
1 Apr, 2021 to 1 Apr, 2022
28 Feb, 2021

General information

12 months

Interns will have the opportunity to support two different projects in the region:

  1. St Kiril and St Methodius Centre for Children at Risk

Interns will have the opportunity to work with children and families at risk in the village of Kuklen, 15km from the centre of Plovdiv. The centre organises daily recreational and educational activities and homework support for children, the majority of whom are from Roma families. A separate part of the centre is dedicated to specialised support for children with mental and physical disabilities. Interns  will:

  • Organise interactive activities for the children on subjects of their interest, which might include English language, sports, games and art.
  • Help staff to organise events and celebrations for different holidays
  • Support the families and help to initiate activities together with the parents of the children


  1. Home Care, Plovdiv

Interns will provide a combination of practical support and also conversation and friendship to these people, who are mostly very isolated due to long term health conditions.

In addition to the two projects above, general responsibilities of the intern will be:

  • Provide support with recruiting, training and evaluating local volunteers from Plovdiv and the surrounding area.
  • Using their own initiative to develop new activities in the context of Caritas Sofia’s activities.
  • Visiting and taking part in other projects and initiatives of the organisation
  • Participate in meetings and trainings with other NGOs and state institutions.

Person specification:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • A desire to help some of the most vulnerable people in society
  • Understanding and empathy for young people who may demonstrate challenging behaviour
  • Experience of working or volunteering with children or elderly people is desirable
  • Proficient use of English language
  • A desire to develop professionally and personally through the course of the project
  • The ability to work alone and as part of a team
  • Enthusiasm for and commitment to the project
  • No criminal record
No financial compensation


Elderly  Old people  Roma  Gypsies  Social work  Teaching  English  NGO  Charity  Home care  
English: Independent User B2
Bulgarian: Basic User A1