2 EVS volunteers for 2015

12 months
1 Jan, 2015 to 31 Dec, 2015

Volunteers will be involved in the activities and projects carried out by Zavod Voluntariat. During the summer months they will participate in the organization of international work-camps, help us organizing and conducting youth exchanges and other similar projects in Slovenia. During the winter months they will help organizing promotional activities, workshops and trainings for volunteers and social activities for our Club of volunteers (different social events, workshops and exhibitions, films, preparation of promotional and documentary videos etc).

Working hours –7 hours a day – will be flexible, depending on the activities.
When: The application will be sent to Slovene National agency on 1st of October of 2014. The project will start on 1st of January of 2015. We expect from volunteers to participate in the project for 12 months.


How to apply: 

If you are an interested volunteer or would like to receive more information please contact the coordinator of the project on [email protected]. The motivation letter and CV can be sent to the same e-mail address. The deadline for applications day is 31.08.2014!