EVS volunteer from Portugal to Italy

7 months
9 Feb, 2015 to 9 Sep, 2015

This is a call for an EVS volunteer from Portugal for an ALREADY APPROVED project.

Associazione InformaGiovani is looking for one volunteer from Portugal, for a project lasting 7 months, starting as soon as possible (no later than first week of March). Project takes place in Palermo, Italy.

The volunteer will support activities run by InformaGiovani (organize workcamps, youthexchanges and seminars) and will work in Associazione "Inventare Insieme" in one of the suburbs of Palermo to support the implementation of leisure activities for local youngsters. Knowledge of italian language is not compulsory but would be very welcome.

The volunteer will stay in an house with other EVS volunteers from CZ, ES, LV. Intensive Italian language training course will be run during first two months of the service. Insurance will be provided by the European Commission. Travel costs are covered up to 90% up to 400 euro. Money for food and local transports will be given up to 270 euro per month.

Short Curriculum of the Association

The association for social promotion “Informagiovani” was established at the end of the year 2001 by a group of volunteers who have been running the city youth information centre of Palermo since November 2000. 

It is today the coordinating body of an European network of different organizations aimed to promote volunteering as a tool for social action. The network has members in 12 different European countries and is recognized by the EACEA (Executive Agency for Culture, Education and Audiovisual) of the European Commission. 

The association has the following aims: 

 foster and promote human and civil rights, with particular attention to child and youth rights, as endorsed by the UN Convention for children rights; 

 promote the right to information and participation of youth, as endorsed by the European Chart for youth information; 

 defending social and collective rights with particular attention to youth rights; 

 promote local and international volunteering as a tool for social change and social inclusion. 

During its life, the association run different activities of volunteering, information, training and counselling:

 rounds of seminars in secondary and high schools on European programmes for youth; 

 rounds of seminars in high schools and universities on international volunteering as a tool for social change and development; 

 seminars on National and International Civil Service in the frame of the “students fairs”; 

 participation in the project and implementation phase of the training course “Do it right”, in the frame of the Human Rights Education programme of the Council of Europe; 

 a round of seminars on youth entrepreneurship;

 the publication of the multimedia guide “European citizens – Guide to the international programmes in the field of culture, training, job, human rights and participation of youth”;

 the online guide “Right to information”, available on www.right-to-information-eu;

 different seminars under Youth in Action to share experiences and practices among youth organizations active in the field of social inclusion;

 different youth exchanges in the frame of Youth in Action to promote social inclusion of disadvantaged youth;

 rounds of training courses for social worker and members of the Juvenile Justice Department on the use of youth projects as a tool for social rehabilitation of young offenders; 

 in co-operation with other NGOs, the online training course for youth and youth workers on human rights (www.humanrightsforyouth.org) supported by the Council of Europe; 

 international co-operation projects in Asian and Latin American countries;

 active citizenship promotion in the frame of Europe for Citizens Programme;

 large scale projects in the frame of Actions 3.2 and 4.6 of Youth in Action programme;

 participation in a Daphne III project aimed to social inclusion of young offenders.


Furthermore, the association is the content manager of “Bancadatigiovani” the Italian youth database available for free on the Internet with more than 23.000 registered users (www.bancadatigiovani.info

The database and its back and front office service has been labelled as best and excellence practice in the field of information and counselling for youth, ranked as one of the 20 better services in Italy. 

Since 2009, the Association is member of the Anna Lindh Euro-mediterranean Foundation for dialogue between cultures and since 2010 it’s member of Libera, national network against mafia. 

The association has nowadays two main fields of action: Information activities and social volunteering activities

In the frame of the first one, we manage the mentioned youth information database for Italian users and several newsletters to spread info about youth work all over Europe (more than 5.000 subscribers in Europe). We also co-ordinate the youth information centre of the city of Palermo, with three front-offices in the city. 

With the second field of action we aim to promote social volunteering as a tool for inclusion of disadvantaged or marginalized youth by means of local, national and international activities. We organize about 25 international workcamps in Italy and have established bilateral co-operation agreements with more than 50 voluntary service organizations worldwide to send our volunteers. 

Since 2006 we organize youth exchanges and seminars for youth and social leaders with the aim to empower social actors on the use of volunteering as tool for social inclusion and rehabilitation. 

We run every year from 2 up to 7 youth exchanges in Italy and abroad and we send up to 9 groups abroad.

Since 2002 we co-operate with different bodies of the Italian Ministry of Justice, responsible for rehabilitation of young offenders, providing both volunteering opportunities to young offenders and training/seminars for youth and social workers. 

The association is registered in the European Register of interest representatives.

In May 2014, InformaGiovani campaign “Lascia il segno” (Leave your sign) to promote youth participation to European Elections, was awarded with the Medal of the President of Italian Republic “for its relevant social and democratic role”.

How to apply: 

To submitt your candidature, please send a CV and a motivation letter to [email protected]

Contact Details

+39.338.1728439 or +39.393.9629434