Animation Storyteller

Art and Design, Communication and Information Sciences, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Jul, 2020 to 1 Sep, 2020
15 Jul, 2020

General information

2 months
3-4 days per week

Are you looking for an internship, where you can find and drive purpose? You feel attracted or intrigued by the concepts of sustainability, social business and entrepreneurship, system change and would like to work in a small, dynamic and proactive start-up environment? If your head is nodding yes to these questions, please do read further!


7 Billion Presidents is a grassroots movement, initiated in Amsterdam by this recurrent dream of making the Earth a better place. 7BP consists of young, talented, creative, happy, rebellious and independent thinking people. We are on a mission to help avert climate breakdown, by offering society an alternative to capitalism. More concretely, we look for partner companies and make products where profits go to clean energy, instead of shareholders. So far, we have created a beer called For Mankind, and we purchased solar panels with the profits made from the sales of the beer. 

We want to grow the movement further, and to do this we need new storytellers to join our team to help us spread our story. 

This internship proposal is meant for this project.

7BP is a growing movement that works with existing partner companies or creates new ones for a 7BP Economy.

A 7 Billion Presidents Company:

  1. Has no shareholders. All profits are invested in clean energy. (in the term “profit” we do not include salaries, and other operational costs for the company to function)
  2. The company must also have a salary ratio of 1:7. This means that the maximum salary does not exceed more than 7 times the lowest salary in the company. 
  3. Can be any kind of company, as long as it commits to the above.


The opportunity: 

Lots of things need to be done to help us grow, including things like storytelling, community building, helping to build more 7BP companies and building partnerships with social/purpose-driven companies, foundations and NGO’s.

We want this project to impact and involve as many people as possible. There are many exciting daily tasks and we are open to suggestions for any new directions we could take. We will tailor the internship to you. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and bring new people to the 7BP movement. 

We are currently looking for someone with the skills and interest for the role of ‘Animation Storyteller’ and it would be awesome (but not absolutely necessary) if you:

- Have ability and creativity to create animations and video content.

- Have an interest in the environment, sustainability, social movements and community building.

- Are autonomous, spontaneous, action-oriented and open-minded.

- Have a sociable personality, are good at communicating with others, enjoy social activities, bringing people together.

- Are ready for an adventure, putting good energy to help change the world for the better and prepared to experience a different kind of internship!

Apart from your role, you will work with our partners and volunteers in our community to build reputation and co-operations, as well as come up with ways to sustain the initiative. 

You will set your own goals and what you would like to learn and achieve during your time with us. We will match the skills you have with what needs to be done, as well as take into consideration what you like to do and what suits you.


Who will you work with:

7 Billion Presidents team is composed of joyful, easy-going young souls, coming from different countries, highly motivated to work together to make the world a better place. Do not expect a corporate spirit, instead an honest, direct, lovely, caring, friendly one. 

Something to be aware of before applying:

You will do a fair amount of work on your own and will be responsible or co-responsible for part of the project that suits your skills and interests. This will require you to be independent, proactive, outgoing and able to manage your own time in view of the goals to be achieved. With this in mind, all the knowledge and skills are shared and, at the end of the day, we all work together and together solve problems that come our way. 


Internship duration and working hours:

You can choose the duration that suits you best but with a minimum of two months (but we would prefer longer), as well as your working hours as full-time or part-time as long as you strictly follow the program you set for yourself. Our recommendations are:

Full-time: 40h/week

Part-time: 25h/week

We can always negotiate to decide how long your internship will be and how many hours per day/week work for you.

Compensation: 7BP is at its start and unfortunately cannot yet offer any compensation. However, if you are eligible consider applying for an Erasmus grant which is offered by the EU. This depends on your university and the country you come from.

If you would like to get a part-time job in Amsterdam, this will also be possible. 

Location: The principal work location will be in Amsterdam. If you’re unable to travel the internship can be done remotely but only if the role you’re applying for can be done online.

No financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


Animation  Sustainability  Circular economy  renewable energy  environment  communication  storytelling  climate change  digital design  
English: Independent User B2
Level of Studies: