Assistant teacher

Education and/or Teacher Training
11 Apr, 2023 to 11 Jun, 2023
26 Mar, 2023

General information

2 months
2-3 days per week

We are an Infant and Primary School, teaching children from 3 to 12 years old. We are located in Vigo (Spain).

Our main subject is the environment. Our goals are integrating the environment realistically in the Science stream, as well as reducing the waste generated in the school by creating a sustainable school environment. Our school has natural spaces not only in the facilities but also in its surroundings (Lagares River), although it is located in an urban area. In these facilities we have developed projects such as the vegetable garden and the laboratory. We would like to integrate this nature in our syllabus fully, so that everything in the school takes advantage of it. At the same time the reduction of waste will have an impact both on the pupils and their homes, causing a social gain. All these projects will be carried out collaborating with other institutions. Thus, we will share the benefits, improving the quality of local and global education.

The stay of trainee teachers will be essential for the implementation of the activities related to the project.

They will help to detect the needs of the students, as well as carrying out the activities of reception of the participating schools and their integration in the centre. At the same time, they will help to integrate the new learning derived from job shadowing  daily in our centre, by means of a  good practice dossier and the promotion and diffusion of the Zero Waste programme. They will be responsible for the integration of nature in the school curriculum, supporting the creation of the nature classroom and the study of activities in it. They will support the activities and at the same time they will spread facts of their own culture and care of nature, which will help to achieve the aim of our project – making our school a more sustainable place.

The trainee teachers will complement their studies in our school, which will serve to improve their degree and acquire resources and competences which will help them in their working career. Our centre will take advantage of this relationship, since the trainee teacher will be a fundamental support in order to implement and spread our project. Both, the school and the trainee teachers, are going to learn different resources and itineraries regarding teaching integrated in nature. These will serve to improve and adapt them to our school. They will teach us how to do story-telling activities in nature, interpretive trails in which we will discover the living beings we can find in the riverside, learning to differentiate and describe them. Furthermore, we will learn how to motivate our students to achieve a Zero Waste break. The trainee teachers will be guide and support in all this process.

No financial compensation
English: Proficient User C2
Spanish: Basic User A2
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