Graphic Design and Copywriting - Digital Marketing for Business

Art and Design, Engineering and/or Technology
1 Sep, 2024 to 28 Feb, 2025
1 Jul, 2024

General information

6 months

Assignments will include the creative part of all marketing activities and website graphic contents. You will be tasked to produce eye-catching design for online and offline channels in order to communicate our products to our audience in line with our brand identity and values. Your images will have to engage with our audience about what we do and the benefits of what we sell.

In our social media posts you will not only work with static images but with video, motion graphics and contents production in general. We are also exploring the field of AI generated content and you will have the chance to test these innovative tools. You will be involved with the copywriting of the texts that support images (post description, newsletter and more).

A fantastic internship opportunity available for enrolled students who want to gain valuable work experience. Are you looking to put your creativity to the test in a work environment? Then consider this 6 month practical internship with us while receiving a monthly allowance of 250€.

We are looking for an open, curious and flexible personality, able to cooperate with the other members of our team and also capable of giving assistance and creative solutions when needed. You will work in a stimulating and innovative environment, developing your professional skills (hard skills) and personal skills (soft skills).

You will add your creative flair and eye for design to several areas that require constant attention in a busy business. There are always demands upon a business to produce instore promotional point of sales material, e-marketing newsletters, adding creative input into our. Knowledge of html coding for e-newsletter is ideal.

Each month we put together a Social Media content Calendar and develop content that relates to our brand image as well as communicates products and services effectively. 

Main Skills requested:

- Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva)

- Video Editing (Premiere, iMovie, Canva video edit tool or similar)

- Copywriting skills

- Basic knowledge of Spreadsheet software (Excel, Google sheet)

Complementary skills:

- General knowledge of social media environment (especially Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

- General knowledge of Marketing, Business and Corporate Communication

- Basic knowledge of Photography and Video Making

Tasks to accomplish:

- Social media content creation (stories, posts, reels, ads and relative scripts)

- Other digital content (banners for website, google display ads)

- Printed media (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)

- Produce our newsletter (both image and text)

- Update your on the job experience into our eLearning platform so your legacy is passed as future training to others

Beyond work, you'll have the chance to explore Cyprus and its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and charming streets. It's an ideal destination for adventure-seekers and history buffs. You can also participate in fun sporting activities, such as water skiing or dragon boat paddling. These activities are great for staying active and bonding with other interns and team members. By joining our team, you'll gain valuable skills while enjoying all that Cyprus has to offer.

Also, due to visa limitations, we can only consider applications from enrolled students, and not graduates. Apply today to see if this opportunity is right for you!

Financial compensation
Years of Experience required: 


A monthly allowance of 250.00 euros is paid at the end of each month to contribute to a candidates’ expenses.  

Additional Information

ABOUT our internships At Cartridge World Cyprus our interns work on projects that matter. You will receive training and support and be exposed to real business operations. Bring your ideas, energy and personality to our workplace and gain practical experience and transferable skills. What is it? An internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between a student and our organization. Students can use the period to acquire a recommendation letter and add the experience to their CV. Duration: All internships are for a 6-month period unless otherwise stated. Cycle: We prefer a 6-month period with 2 intakes per year, although shorter periods will be considered upon merit. Candidates: Candidates need to demonstrate a commitment to development, academic success, and personal achievement to date. Compensation: Although this is not a job offer, FOR A 6 MONTH INTERNSHIP ONLY a monthly allowance of 250 euros is paid at the end of each month towards a candidates’ expenses. Shorter internships are unpaid due to the cost to us of training and supervision. Erasmus internships: If you're considering this internship in Cyprus, you may be eligible for compensation from Erasmus. It's worth checking with your school to see if you meet the requirements. You could receive up to 400€ to help with your move to Cyprus. Coaching & Mentoring: -Buddy, each candidate is assigned a ‘’buddy’’ to help them settle in and to better understand the expectations and challenges. -Supervisor, the go-to person to train and support and evaluate work performance. -Mentor, the Director offers his experience to help guide the intern to their next step. Evaluation: Following training you will receive ongoing feedback. At mid-point in the internship there will be a more detailed discussion and opportunity to steer the content of the remaining period. At the end candidates are asked to submit a report on their learning experience. To apply: Apply via Erasmus; Send your CV and motivational letter explaining what experience you are seeking and why this might be the opportunity for you.
English: Proficient User C1
Level of Studies: 
Computer literate, proficient user of Photoshop, illustrator or other graphic design programs. html, WordPress an advantage